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How do I add transactions?

You can manually upload transactions from all asset classes:

Fixed Income
Funds / ETFs
Crypto Swaps
FX Spot Trades
Deposits and Withdrawals
Cash Adjustments
Real Assets / Estate.

Upload transaction manually or via an excel in 2 ways:

You can either upload a cash balance initially and then purchase instruments using that cash balance. If you do not do this, and you choose a settle currency that doesn’t have a cash balance in, it will result in a borrowing.
Or you can use the position uploader/select transfer in the settlement currency box to upload a position, this will result in no opposing cash deduction or addition if you are uploading a short position

A few tips to help you add transactions:

illio will autofill a price for some instruments based of the EOD market data for the date you provide
Deduction is a negative adjustment, whilst a rebate is a positive adjustment
If the instrument currency differs from the Portfolio base currency, an FX rate is auto filled with the closing rate on the transaction date. You can edit the FX rate if the actual executed rate is different
The default settlement currency will be your Portfolio base currency, however if the transaction was settled in local currency, select that local currency
Custodian will autofill with the default custodian you selected upon creating the portfolio
The Note section allows you to add any additional information regarding this transaction eg. it may form part of a particular investment strategy
Real Estate and Real Assets must be manually created first before they can be added to a portfolio

Updated on: 05/04/2023

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