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How do I import transactions?

You can import your transactions using the excel template or manually in 2 different ways:

You can either upload a cash balance initially and then purchase instruments using that cash balance. If you do not do this, and you choose a settle currency that doesn’t have a cash balance in, it will result in a borrowing.
Or you can use the position uploader/select transfer in the settlement currency box to upload a position, this will result in no opposing cash deduction or addition if you are uploading a short position

A few tips to help you import transactions easily:

After you populate the excel and upload it to illio, you will be taken to a review page. Before illio pulls the data through to your portfolio, you can check the correct information has been recognized from the excel
illio will highlight any transactions that have data gaps, which you can manually edit from the review page
Make sure your instruments are formatted correctly according to the instructions on the second sheet
Add an exchange code at the end of the ticker for a higher chance of immediate identification

Updated on: 05/04/2023

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